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Tips - Format Komputer

Assalamu'alaikum semua...

Di sini saya igin berkongsi tentang cara untuk format komputer.. kalau nak hantar ke kedai untuk format komputer mesti kena bayar sampai RM 30.. tidak payah susah-susah untuk hantar ke kedai.. anda boleh menggunakan cara di bawah ini. semoga berjaya!!

How to format?
1. Insert your Microsoft Windows XP Professional Edition installation CD in the CD-ROM dive.
2. Restart the computer.
3. If necessary, press the spacebar to boot from the CD-ROM drive.
· The next mode partition of the installation begins. The installation program loads a number of files, and after a few minutes the Setup Notification screen appears, informing you that you are installing an evaluation version of Windows XP.
· NOTE: Installing a Licensed Version If you are not installing an evaluation version of Windows XP, this screen wiil not appear.
4. Press ENTER to continue with the installation.
· The welcome To Setup screen appears. From this screen you can choose to install windows XP, repair an existing installaton, or quit the setup program.
5. Press ENTER to continue with the installation.
· The windows XP Licensing Agrrement screen appears.
6. Read the license agreement and then press F8 to accept the terms.
· A windows XP Professional Setup screen appears, on which you can manage the partition on the computer’s hard disk and select a partition for the Windows XP installation.
7. Press C to create a partition.
· A windows XP professional Setup screen appears, on which you can specify the size of the partition you want to create.
8. Substract 1000 from the value shown as the maximum size for the new partition, and type the result into the Creat Partition Of Size (In MB) field. Then press ENTER.
· The partition listing reappears.
9. Select the new C: partition you just created and press ENTER.
· A Windows XP Professional Setup screen appears, on which you can format the partition you just created and selected.
10. Select the Format The Partition Using The NTFS File System option and press ENTER.
· The setup programs formats the partition and begins copying files from the CD to the Windows installation folders.
· After the copy process completes, the system restarts.
· After the computer restarts, the setup program enters the graphical user interfacce (GUI) mode portion of the installation.
· Setup continues the installation for several minutes, and then theRegional And Language Option page appears.
11. Make sure that the setting are correct for your area, and then click NEXT.
· The Personalize Your Software page appears.
12. Type your name in the Name text box and the name of your school in the Organization text box, ad click NEXT.
· The Your Product Key page appears.
13. Type your 25-digits product key in the fields provided and click NEXT.
· The Computer Name And Administrator Password page appears.
14. In the Computer Name text box, type your name.
15. In the Administrator Password and Confirm Password text boxes, type your password if you want.
· The Date and Time Settings page appears.
16. Make sure the Date & Time values shown are correct, and use the Time Zone drop-down list to select your time zone. Then click NEXT.
17. The setup program begins copying files and installing the windows XP networking components.
18. Select the Custom Settings option and click NEXT.
· The Networking Components page appears.
19. Click NEXT and NEXT.
20. When the installation is completed, the computer restarts and boots into Windows XP Professional Edition.
· The Welcome To Microsoft Windows screen appears.
21. Leave the computer turned on for the next exercise.
Good Luck!

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